What is Slip? Definition and Explanation

What is Slip?

Slip is a term that can refer to multiple things depending on the context. Here are a few common meanings of the word “slip”:

1. Noun: A slip is a small and usually accidental or unnoticed mistake or error. For example, a slip of the tongue is when someone unintentionally says something incorrect or inappropriate.

2. Verb: To slip means to accidentally slide, lose balance, or fall. It can also refer to moving quietly or discreetly. For example, someone can slip on ice, slip and fall, or slip into a room unnoticed.

3. Noun: A slip can also refer to a piece of clothing worn under a dress or skirt to provide an extra layer or smoothness. It is often made of thin, silky fabric.

4. Verb: To slip something means to quickly and secretly put it into a particular place. This can refer to slipping a note under a door or slipping an object into a bag without others noticing.

5. Noun: In boating, a slip is a designated parking space or berth for a boat or ship in a marina or harbor. It is like a parking spot for boats.

These are just a few examples of how the word “slip” can be used. The meaning may vary depending on the context in which it is used.

Definition and Explanation


A slip is a small, thin piece of material that is worn under clothing to provide an extra layer of coverage and prevent transparency or clinging. It is typically made of silky or cotton fabric and is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. Slips come in various lengths, including full slips that extend from the shoulders to the hemline and half slips that cover only the lower body.


Slips are commonly worn by women to enhance the modesty and smoothness of their outfits. They can help to prevent underwear lines from showing through clothing and keep fabric from bunching or clinging to the body. Slips are especially useful when wearing lightweight or sheer garments, as they provide an additional barrier between the body and the fabric.

Slips also serve practical purposes such as preventing static cling, allowing clothes to hang properly, and protecting delicate or expensive garments from sweat and oils produced by the body. In addition, slips can help to maintain the shape and structure of dresses and skirts.

Slips come in various styles, such as those with adjustable shoulder straps, low-cut necklines for use with low-backed dresses, or those with built-in bras for added support. They can be found in different colors to match specific outfits or in neutral shades that can be worn under any clothing.

Overall, slips offer an additional layer of coverage, comfort, and convenience, making them a valuable wardrobe staple for many women.

Understanding Slip

Slip is a noun and a verb with different meanings in English.

As a noun, slip refers to a small mistake or error, often unintentional. For example, if you accidentally say the wrong word during a speech, it would be considered a slip.

As a verb, slip can mean to accidentally lose one’s balance and fall. For example, if you step on a slippery surface and your feet slide out from under you, you slip and fall.

Slip can also mean to slide or move smoothly and quickly, often with little effort. For example, if you put on a pair of socks and they easily glide onto your feet, you can say that they slip on.

In addition, slip can refer to the act of putting on or taking off a piece of clothing quickly and easily. For example, if you quickly slip on a sweater before heading outside, it means you put it on effortlessly.

In a different context, slip can mean to move or go somewhere unnoticed or unobtrusively. For example, if you slip out of a meeting unnoticed, it means you leave without anyone noticing.

Overall, slip has various meanings depending on the context, but it generally refers to making a mistake, falling, moving smoothly, or putting on/taking off clothing easily.

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